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Christian Eriksen will take part in the middlesbrough match

Christian Eriksen, Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho confirmed that the Danish player will play a game on Tuesday.

In the recent period, there have been many sports news and reports confirming that

Christian Eriksen refused to renew his contract with English club Tottenham.

And many European clubs are seeking to join the player.

Where the player is strong, and great shots. And he is considered one of the best midfield players in the world.

Several news sources confirmed in England and Italy.

That Inter Milan is close to getting the signature of the Danish player.

Especially after the Chilean player, Alexis Sanchez, stayed away from the matches due to an injury.

Christian Eriksen will play against middlesbrough

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho Ali announced that Eriksen will participate in Tuesday’s match.

Tottenham need to win this match in the FA Cup.

The match had been played before, but ended in a 1-1 draw.

The match will be repeated again. There must be a winning team.

It seems that the Danish player decided to leave the English team.

Where reports confirmed the player’s refusal to renew his contract with Tottenham.

Especially since a large number of clubs are trying to sign with the player and include him for their team.

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Poor level of the player

Tottenham coach Mourinho confirmed that the player does not present good levels at present.

It is normal because of the large number of news about it.

However, the player has helped his team in many important matches in the recent period,

such as the Norwich City match and the Greek Olympiacos.

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