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Neymar da Silva prefers Xavi to take over Barcelona

Neymar da Silva, After the news was released in the last hours about the dismissal of coach Valverde from Barcelona.

More than one coach has been announced to take over the management of the Spanish team.

Among the most prominent names that have been talked about assuming Barcelona training.

Xavi Hernandez, Mauricio Pochettino.

As there have been several reports in recent days about the travel of a delegation from FC Barcelona.

To Qatar to negotiate with Xavi Hernandez, who is currently coaching a Qatari club.


Neymar da Silva welcomes yesterday’s friend

When asked by Neymar about his opinion of taking over Barcelona for his former teammate Xavi Hernandez.

The Brazilian player stated that Xavi was an excellent player and was a great leader.

Neymar played with Xavi in Barcelona for several years before Xavi went to Qatar.

Also, before Neymar left Barcelona, he joined Paris Saint-Germain in a record deal of 222 million euros.

The two players have won many championships with FC Barcelona while playing alongside some.

Especially the Champions League after winning the Italian club Juventus.

Xavi Hernandez is one of the closest players to Barcelona’s players.

Where he was a colleague of them earlier and investigated with them several titles. In the golden period of the Catalan club.

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Barcelona fans angered over Valverde

The last period between Valverde and Barcelona fans is not good.

Where many of the Barcelona fans demand the dismissal of the coach.

Because of poor results, especially after the exit from the Spanish Super Championship

after a 2-3 loss against Atletico Madrid.

and Real Madrid winning the championship in Saudi Arabia.

Xavi Hernandez is considered one of the most requested names

for many of the Catalan fans for training because of his long experience in Spanish stadiums.

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1 Comment

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